About afifazz

Iam just just a simple guy who love to stop every moment of my life with pictures. so i can always remember all of the precious moment in my life.

SeaSun !!


SeaSun !!

I took this picture when we are on vacation to Failaka island in Kuwait.. the weather was so cold.. Bbrrrrr


Foggy Morning


2702201gh1293I took this picture about 3 years ago when the weather was foggy. I shot this with my Nokia E5 !!.. haha.. can you believe it?? If some of you think that I used my DSLR, well thats wrong..:)

My First Try


Hello 🙂
I have just joined the wordpress tonight. I have a hobby that i want to share with you. And Ibelieve that this is gonna be interesting place to share. Plus I am not very good at English, so forgive me for my mistakes.. 😀

And now I am gonna post my first photo in my blog..


And please do not use my pictures without my permisson. okay?? 😉